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Privacy Policy

At iclerk we value all our customers' privacy, and will do our utmost to respect this at alltimes and we will only have the customers interest to protect. We will only use ourcustomers' data to enhance and improve our services we provide, we will from time totime ask for permission if our customers wish to receive any information from thepartners we deal with and can be beneficial to our customers. This Privacy Policy applies to information we collect when you sign up for iclerk, whenyou access or use any of our websites, mobile applications and products, when youspeak to our staff, or when you otherwise interact with us (collectively, the “Services”).This policy also applies to information we collect if you have not signed up for ourServices, but if you are making payment transactions through our Services. Any changes we amend to our privacy policy will show on our web site and inform ourcustomers of any dates and times of these changes which our users can clearly see onour web site. Iclerk terms to use our Services is that you must accept all terms of thisPrivacy Policy. iclerk takes data protection and privacy extremely seriously. We are committed tosafeguarding the data and protecting the privacy of customers and visitors to our website(www.iclerk.co.uk) from any computer, tablet, or mobile phone. This Privacy Policydescribes how we collect personal information, use that information and protect it for ourcompany records from customers using products offered via the aforementioned websiteand mobile app. The Privacy Policy applies to our customers, clients, users, visitors. “Personal Data” refers to pieces of information that can be used for users, visitors,customers, or clients for identification purposes. By using and/or visiting our “Sites”you consent to our Privacy Policy alongside practices of data collection, data usage,data storage, and datadisclosure where required andnecessary. From time totime we may ask for consent if we wish to collect, use, or disclose information otherthan as outlined in this Privacy Policy. If you have any query, contradiction, or doubt about any part of the Privacy Policy,we request that you do not proceed with any Purchases or uploading any of yourpersonal data, including navigating our “Sites”, installing or uninstalling our mobile application. Data Collection, Usage, and Disclosure Customers: We collect personal data and information about you when you interact with us or useour products and services. For example, when you use the iclerk payment softwareto pay for your service. To help you understand more, the following are the ways in which we may collectyour information: We will ask you for basic personal information such as name, phone number, email,and location when you create an account with us or change your account settings; Once you have registered you are agreeing to be contacted on the provided emailaddress, phone or text by our vendors. We will ask you for personal information when you contact us via phone or email inrelation to our products or services; We may collect such personal information from you when you browse our “Sites”; As part of our commitment and dedication to you, we want to be very clear andconcise about collecting any of your personal data. The following sections outlinethe methods we use to collect your data; We will collect your IP address, location, preferred language, website settings,device name (if mobiles), and browser’s name when you visit our Sites We may record calls made to/from us, messages sent to/from us, and emails sentto/from us for service improvement, training, and for our business record; If you would like more information about this practice, including how to prevent it,please visit, www.iclerk.co.uk Unless otherwise instructed, we will only collect the aforementioned data from youwith your consent. The purpose of data collection is to: Provide you with access to our “Sites” in order to browse and purchase ourproducts/services; Enable us to collect payment from you when using our services. Collect feedback, compliments, complaints, reviews, and ratings; Communicate with you via email, phone, and/or message; Data Protection iclerk has adopted robust technologies and IT mechanisms to ensure the maximumsafety and security of your data. The data remains confidential to us and is usedonly in connection with products and services relevant to iclerk and the customer. Should you wish to opt out of sharing your data with any third party organisation,please contact the iclerk administrator. wwww.optouticlerk.co.uk We have set up robust measures to prevent any unauthorised access to accounts.We urge you, therefore, not to share your account details with anyone in anycircumstances. When you create an account with us, it is your responsibility to keepit safe from others. Our highly integrated online security system allows us to provideadvanced data protection. iclerk for Business We have set up robust measures to prevent any unauthorised access to accounts. We urgeyou, therefore, not to share your account details with anyone in any circumstances. Whenyou create an account with us, it is your responsibility to keep it safe from others. Our highlyintegrated online security system allows us to provide advanced data protection. Iclerk collects your personal information in the form of cookies automatically. However, youhave the right to manage, control, and refuse cookies at any time. Cookies allow us toascertain certain information about you when you visit our “Sites” (see above DataCollection, Usage, and Disclosure). Marketing Iclerk makes use of certain marketing techniques in order to be able to provide you with thebenefit of information about our products and services. We may use your email address andphone number to send marketing, promotional emails, newsletters, alerts or messagesrelated to our product and services. You have the right to unsubscribe to such emails ormarketing information at any time. You can also change your marketing preferences byeither contacting us or changing your user account. We may also share information with legal authorities and regulatory bodies to showcompliance as and when required. Other than in these circumstances, iclerk will nevershare collected data with any third party or individual whatsoever. Updates and Changes in the Privacy Policy This Privacy Policy is subject to changes and updates as and when required. Theseupdates and changes will be posted on the “Sites” where appropriate and you will benotified by email. Contact Your feedback, comments, reviews, ratings, and queries are very important to us. If there isanything in this Privacy Policy that you do not agree with, or you consider requiresamendment, then please do not hesitate to contact us as follows: www.iclerk.co.uk